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Take a look at what our MicrobiotaMi speakers have published recently and chat with them about their work in Milan.

We are using bacteria to successfully exploit antigen presentation and to develop new ways to target tumor antigens into dendritic cells.

Maria Rescigno Group Leader Mucosal immunology and microbiota Unit

, Humanitas University, Milano, Italy

Dr. Nunez’s work on bacteria that invade the gut focuses on competition between the naturally occurring, or commensal, bacteria that live in the intestinal tract, and invading pathogens.

Gabriel Nunez Co-Director, Immunology and Host Response Program Experimental Pathology

, Department of Pathology Michigan Medicine University of Michigan, USA

Physio/pathlogical significance of glyco- sphingolipids. Exploration of various diseases including diabetes, allergy and hearing loss as membrane microdomain (raft) disorders. Molecular biology of glycosyltransferases.

Jin-ichi Inokuchi Professor

, Jin-ichi Inokuchi - Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan

His major research interests are in the field of host-microbial interactions, mucosal immunology, bacterial infection and immunity, intestinal-health related research.

Jerry M. Wells Chair of the Host-Microbe Interactions Group

, The University of Wageningen, The Netherlands

Specialties: Crohns Disease, Immunodeficiency, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ulcerative Colitis

Scott Snapper Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

, Harvard, USA

Mechanisms that link tumor suppression and the development of cancer to aging and the major diseases associated with aging

Judith Campisi PhD, Professor

, Buck Institute, CA USA

Cavalieri’s main interest is the role of microorganisms in self sustainability of fundamental ecosystem services (here), with a focus on the evolution of regulatory networks shaping host microbe-interactions, in health and disease.

Duccio Cavalieri Professor

, University of Firenze, Italy

The goal of our study is to understand the biological significance as well as the molecular machinery of barrier on the mucosal surface.

Hiroshi Kiyono Head of Division of Mucosal Immunology

, University of Tokyo, Japan