Reorganized Genomic Taxonomy of Francisellaceae Enables Design of Robust Environmental PCR Assays for Detection of Francisella tularensis

Öhrman C, Sahl JW, Sjödin A, Uneklint I, Ballard R, Karlsson L, McDonough RF, Sundell D, Soria K, Bäckman S, Chase K, Brindefalk B, Sozhamannan S, Vallesi A, Hägglund E, Ramirez-Paredes JG, Thelaus J, Colquhoun D, Myrtennäs K, Birdsell D, Johansson A, Wagner DM, Forsman M.
Microorganisms. 2021 Jan 11;9(1):E146. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms9010146. PMID: 33440900
We have assembled a comprehensive collection of genome sequences representing most known Francisellaceae species/strains and restructured them according to a taxonomy that is based on phylogenetic structure. From this structured dataset, we identified a small …