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P04 – “Probiotic modulation of dendritic cell function in Crohn’s disease patients.Baradaran Ghavami Shaghayegh. (abstract P04)

P05 – “Gut microbiota, subclinical carotid atherosclerosis and major cardiovascular risk factors in general population: which association?Baragetti Andrea. (abstract P05)

P07 – “Gut microbiota alterations affect glioma growth and innate immune cells involved in tumor immunosurveillance.D’AlessandroGiuseppina. (abstract P07)

P10 – “Characterization of fecal and oral microbiome associated with Lynch syndrome.Ferrarese Roberto. (abstract P10)

P12 – “Toll-like receptor 4-mediated inflammation triggered by extracellular IFI16 is enhanced by lipopolysaccharide binding.Iannucci Andrea. (abstract P12)

P13 – “Gut microbiota composition in osteopenia and osteoporosis patients.Keshavarz Azizi raftar Shahrbanoo. (abstract P13)

P16 – “Beneficial properties of a symbiontic innovative supplement (PROBIT®; MGP GOLD AND KLUYVEROMYCES MARXIANUS B0399) in antiblastic drugs-induced gastrointestinal side effects.” Mantovani Mauro. (abstract P16)

P17 – “Microbiota Composition in HIV-positive and HIV-Exposed Uninfected Pediatric Subjects.Merlini Esther. (abstract P17)

P22 – “16S profiling and isolation of mucin degraders from human gut microbiota.Rossi Maddalena. (abstract P22)

P24 – “Comparability of 16S rRNA gene sequencing in fresh frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded colorectal cancer samples.Serna Garazi. (abstract P24)

P26 – “Biofilm and soluble virulence factors produced by Staphylococcus spp. strains isolated from skin microbiota in people with acne.Silvana-Adelina Gheorghe. (abstract P26)

P28 – “Microbial communities in agricultural soil fertilized with animal manure in Northern Italy.Tolosi Roberta. (abstract P28)

P29 – “Soy intake and breast cancer.” Virgili Edy. (abstract P29)

P31 – “Gut microbiota and B cell receptor (BCR) inhibitors for the treatment of lymphoid malignancies: retrospective recognition of different enterotypes correlated to clinical response or irAEs occurrence. A cross-sectional study.Zuccaro Valentina. (abstract P31)

P32 – “Assessment of gut microbiota variation in Indian population and Impact of Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) on human gut microbiota in a randomized and dose-dependent study.” DubeyAshok Kumar. (abstract P32)