Curbing gastrointestinal infections by defensin fragment modifications without harming commensal microbiota

Koeninger L, Osbelt L, Berscheid A, Wendler J, Berger J, Hipp K, Lesker TR, Pils MC, Malek NP, Jensen BAH, Brötz-Oesterhelt H, Strowig T, Jan Wehkamp.
Commun Biol. 2021 Jan 8;4(1):47. doi: 10.1038/s42003-020-01582-0. PMID: 33420317
In mouse models, Pam-3 selectively reduced acute intestinal Salmonella and established Citrobacter infections, without compromising the core microbiota, hence displaying an added benefit to traditional broad-spectrum antibiotics. In conclusion, our data support the develop …