Dietary changes induce alterations in adult neurogenesis via mitochondrial pathways

MicrobiotaMi Comment 05_21
by Stefania Blasa

The importance of diet in brain health and neurological function has gained increasing interest in the last years. Dietary factors are well known to influence the composition of gut microbiota, which regulates several brain functions through the gut microbiota-brain axis and whose imbalance lead to …

The impact of gut microbiota-brain axis in neurological disorders

MicrobiotaMi Comment 01_21 
by  Stefania Blasa

All animals have developed a strict association with microbial communities during the evolution. This collection of microorganisms, termed the microbiota, is particularly abundant in the gastrointestinal tract and can regulate the function of our metabolism, immune system and even the development of the nervous system. Gut microbiota can influence the brain …