Association between respiratory and gut microbiomes in SARS-CoV-2 infected patients

MicrobiotaMi Comment 20_21
by Roberto Ferrarese

As we sadly know, SARS-CoV-2 virus has led to a devastating global pandemic during the past year. It has been already observed that in COVID-19 patients was present a dysbiosis that led to an enrichment of opportunistic pathogens and a depletion of beneficial bacteria. However, alterations in the respiratory microbiome of COVID-19 patients have not been

MicrobiotaMi 081

Connections of microbiome composition with host metabolism and habitual diet: the results of PREDICT 1 study

MicrobiotaMi Comment 15_21
by Roberto Ferrarese

In this manuscript Asnicar and colleagues described the results of Personalised Responses to Dietary Composition Trial (PREDICT 1), a study that included 1098 individuals profiled pre and post …

MicrobiotaMi 018

The role of gut microbiota and metabolites in protecting against radiation injury

MicrobiotaMi Comment 03_20
by Roberto Ferrarese

One of the most longstanding and unresolved problems in radiotherapy is radiation injury: after partial or total body exposure to ionizing radiation, an acute radiation syndrome or sickness (ARS) may occur, leading to poor hematopoietic recovery and injury to gastrointestinal tract. Although some previous studies showed the …