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A deep relationship between the gut microbiota and immune cells dynamics in humans

MicrobiotaMi Comment 06_21 
by Federica Spaggiari

The gut microbiota has a fundamental role in modulating the activity of the immune system, its efficiency and its composition. Indeed, multiple studies highlighted the deep connection between gut microbiome composition and immunotherapies diverse outcomes.

The role of gut microbiome in mutant p53 oncogenic activity modulation

MicrobiotaMi Comment 03_21
by Federica Spaggiari

The role of p53 in the maintenance of cell homeostasis and in the control of its proliferation is well-known. The longest recognized activity of the wild type form of p53 is the tumour-suppressive one. Acting both as a transcription factor and as a direct effector, p53 promotes the arrest of cell-cycle, apoptosis or senescence when severe …