Microbiota modulation of allelopathy depends on litter chemistry: Mitigation or exacerbation?

Eating microRNAs: pharmacological opportunities for cross-kingdom regulation and implications in host gene and gut microbiota modulation

The emerging role of probiotics in neurodegenerative diseases: new hope for Parkinson’s disease?

Comparisons of oral, intestinal, and pancreatic bacterial microbiomes in patients with pancreatic cancer and other gastrointestinal diseases

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Post-traumatic stress disorder model shows changes in neurotransmitter production and gut microbiota composition

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by Stefania Blasa

The gut microbiota has recently attracted large research attention due to its ability to regulate the brain-gut axis. The central nervous system regulates the

NLRP6-associated host microbiota composition impacts in the intestinal barrier to systemic dissemination of Brucella abortus