Multi-omics data integration considerations and study design for biological systems and disease

Effects of Fecal Microbiome Transfer in Adolescents With ObesityThe Gut Bugs Randomized Controlled Trial

Stream sediment bacterial communities exhibit temporally-consistent and distinct thresholds to land use change in a mixed-use watershed

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The relationship between microbiota and human local adaptation

MicrobiotaMi Comment 01_20
by Marco Tonelli

It is well known that human beings had to genetically adapt themselves to the different local conditions across the entire world: in particular they had to adapt to different climates, diets and pathogens that can be encountered during lifetime. As an example, it is very clear the important role of hypoxia-inducible facto 2-alpha (encoded by EPAS1) for people who live in high altitudes, or even the beta-globin gene haplotypes …

Mgll Knockout Mouse Resistance to Diet-Induced Dysmetabolism Is Associated with Altered Gut Microbiota