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The role of gut microbiota and metabolites in protecting against radiation injury

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by Roberto Ferrarese

One of the most longstanding and unresolved problems in radiotherapy is radiation injury: after partial or total body exposure to ionizing radiation, an acute radiation syndrome or sickness (ARS) may occur, leading to poor hematopoietic recovery and injury to gastrointestinal tract. Although some previous studies showed the …

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Characterization of Bacterial Microbiota Composition along the Gastrointestinal Tract in Rabbits

Murine model of colonization with fungal pathogen Candida auris to explore skin tropism, host risk factors and therapeutic strategies

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Antiviral potential of the gut microbiota

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by Benedetta Sposito

Type I Interferons (IFN-I) represent one of the first lines of defense against viral infections. They are rapidly upregulated by almost every cell in the body upon stimulation of different pattern recognition receptors. However, low levels of IFN-I are constitutively expressed and play homeostatic functions. The cellular sources and the stimuli that regulate IFN-I induction in the absence of infection are still under study.