16S rRNA gene sequencing of rectal swab in patients affected by COVID-19

Mazzarelli A, Giancola ML, Farina A, Marchioni L, Rueca M, Gruber CEM, Bartolini B, Ascoli Bartoli T, Maffongelli G, Capobianchi MR, Ippolito G, Di Caro A, Nicastri E, Pazienza V; INMI COVID-19 study group.
PLoS One. 2021 Feb 17;16(2):e0247041. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0247041. eCollection 2021. PMID: 33596245 Free article.
Few data are reported on the gut microbiota in COVID-19 patients. 16S rRNA gene sequencing was performed to reveal an altered composition of the gut microbiota in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia admitted in intensive care unit (ICU) (i-COVID19), or in …