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Does the gut microbiota influence the peripheral immune response in NAFLD-related hepatocellular carcinoma?

MicrobiotaMi Comment 18_21
by Federica Spaggiari

Dysbiosis is widely known as one of the causes and drivers of the rise and development of several and diverse diseases. Moreover, microbiota is able to modulate the organism’s...

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Kin to win: kin selection drives cooperation in the human gut microbiota

MicrobiotaMi Comment 17_21
by Giulia Colombo

The management of complex microbial communities is a very promising tool in many fields, from microbiome manipulation to sustainable food production and climate regulation. To successfully engineer ...

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Post-traumatic stress disorder model shows changes in neurotransmitter production and gut microbiota composition

MicrobiotaMi Comment 16_21
by Stefania Blasa

The gut microbiota has recently attracted large research attention due to its ability to regulate the brain-gut axis. The central nervous system regulates the

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